“Anarchy has done amazing things for my driving,” I told Peter as we drove in reverse down the road.

I realized the change last night when I pulled out of a parking lot and came to a sign that read Right Turn Only. A year ago I would have turned right without question, finding the proper place to turn around with slight frustration at not being able to go the way I wanted to go. This time I saw the sign as a warning: “turning left here could be difficult, and potentially dangerous.” I checked it out for myself, saw it was neither difficult nor dangerous, and turned left. No sirens went off, no ink stains on the car for shoplifting a left turn I didn’t pay for. And there was no crash, no almost-crash, no crash potential. It wasn’t defiance; it wasn’t breaking the rules for the joy of crushing a boundary. It was me allowing myself to take responsibility for my own actions, instead of following the directions of someone else.

“Let us do what we do for our own sake, not out of obedience”