It’s 1:33am and I’m sitting at a computer in what we lovingly refer to as the “Products Office” (where my friends answer phones about our Hammocks business), which is 100 feet away from my bedroom. In 5 minutes (hopefully LESS), Paxus (who is sitting at a computer next to me) and I will arise from these chairs and tromp outside, accross the grass, up the stairs, down the hall, and into my room, where we’ll collapse into bed.

I love that we just got done taking a sauna (and jumping in the FREEZING cold pond), and I love that we walked from the sauna to the office and have been sitting here doing work and checking email, and then we’ll trot right off to bed. And tomorrow morning we’ll lay in bed until we feel like getting up, and then walk outside, down the stairs, accross the courtyard, and be “at work”. I don’t have any scheduled work in the morning, so I’ll probably weave hammocks for a few hours.

I feel like I’m bragging about my life. Right now, I love my life. I read an article this morning about how the state of Virginia is shutting down cider makers who don’t pasturize their apple cider. And who use a hand press. It’s all got to be machanized and standardized… no pulp allowed. What this means is that all the small cider press businesses who can’t afford the new equipment will be shut down. kaput. We’re so distanced from the food we eat! It’s regulated and processed and diluted beyond recognition. We have no connection to what we’re eating.

I finished the article, and then walked down to the dairy barn to milk the cows. No pasturization, no homoginization (I don’t even know how to SPELL it!), and I live with and know all the people who A)drink the milk, B)make the cheese, yogurt, ice cream and butter with the milk, and C)clean the dairy barn when I’m done milking.