I was driving into town with Paxus a few days ago, and he asked me why I didn’t cut the corners. The drive from Twin Oaks (the commune) into Louisa (the nearest town) is about 6 or 7 miles down one very curvy road. I love driving, and I love driving fast, and Pax was curious about why I slowed down so much to go around corners.

“There’s that line in the middle of the road that you aren’t supposed to cross!”, I explained. The look he gave me made me realize how stupid that sounded coming from a self-proclaimed anarchist.

“When it’s not a blind corner and you can see that there aren’t any cars coming, what’s the point of staying in the lines?”, he challenged. And I recognized that the lines were controlling my driving because that’s how I learned to drive so many years ago — and that I hadn’t realized that I had the CHOICE to cross them! I hadn’t consciously noticed they were there until he pointed them out to me.

That’s what I want to do — I want to help other people see the lines that they automatically and unconsciously limit themselves with, and challenge them to look at whether or not they want to accept the limits of the lines.