Reason #146 why I love living on a commune:

I woke up this morning with a sore throat. Yuck. I went to the kitchen and made some herbal tea, then did a two-hour childcare shift with a 3 year old and and a 1 year old, running around and pretending to put out fires with our fire hoses. Then lunch: sweet potatoes with roasted garlic — both right from our gardens. After lunch I felt even more sick, so I went to my room and took a two-and-a-half hour nap. Then I woke up, felt better, and decided to go down to the hammock shop to weave some hammocks.

The way our “labor system” works is that usually we all work an average of 42 hours a week. (though right now it’s 45.5 because we’re in a hammocks push, trying to get out a big order by mid-December) 45.5 hours a week breaks down to 6.5 hours a day over the course of a 7 day week. Some days I work 3 hours, other days I might work 8 or 10. It all depends on how I feel and what kind of work needs doing. Today I was feeling sick, so I slept. And that counts as “labor” for me. I’ll claim 2 hours for childcare, 2 hours of weaving hammocks, and 2.5 hours “sick” time. That’s my 6.5 hours for today. There’s no limit about how many sick hours I can take, though if I took a whole week of sick hours, someone from the Health Team would check in with me to find out what was going on with me. I take sick hours sometimes if I have really painful cramps when I’m bleeding, but not if I’ve stayed up really late a few nights in a row and I get exhausted during the day. It’s very much up to individual discretion. For the most part, people don’t try to “beat” the system because there’s really no system to beat. It’s just us.