Reflections on the act of blogging: I’m obsessed, a bit. I’ve started checking every day to see if anyone has commented, and to see how much my “counter” has risen. A need to be heard, to have other people hear my thoughts and ideas. To know that I’m not just putting them out in the internet void and they’re sitting there, ignored. Serenaluchang at calls this “one, long masturbatory exercize.” Yep — exhibitionism all the way. “Hey look! I exist beyond my own experience of life! Other people read my blog!” I’ve been exploring other people’s blogs, going down Motime’s “newly updated” list over on the lefthand side of the page, and I’m amazed at what this is for some people… really, probably what it is for most of us: a way to make our lives feel important. A way to put ourselves out in the world in a concrete, tangible way. Here I am! Read my blog!

And I feel it, too. That’s why I’m doing this instead of reading a book or weaving a hammock or writing in my journal or planning a revolution. I want to express myself to other people, and this is a safe way to do that. I put myself out there as I am, and no one can touch me.

They can just watch.