My apologies to anyone who has visited my blog in the past hour (and according to my counter, that’s 14 of you!) — I’ve been learning how to change around my format, and a lot of weird configurations came out of it. The tiled pictures in the background? Weird colors of text, random boxes on the sidebar? Me and my schizophrenic blog.

Now that I’ve been experimenting, just wait and see what comes of it! Pictures! Other exciting things that you can’t even imagine!

Last night I turned on a friend of mine to blogging. I read Serenaluchang’s post about me out loud to her and she loved it. So she decided she wanted to start her own blog. Hooray for new converts! More tales from the commune. She has a very different viewpoint than I do (being that she’s a different person than I am). I don’t know her blog’s name yet, but I’ll post it as soon as I do.

We made 101 hammocks yesterday (perspective: that’s a LOT. We had a hard time averaging 30 per day earlier in the year). Less than 200 hammocks to go before we reach our goal for the big Pier One shipment on Sunday.

“Wait a minute? Did she say Pier One?”

Yup, that’s right, folks. The hippie commune sells their hammocks to the trendy corporate giant. One of the not-so-radical pieces of life here. It’s not Utopia, for sure.