Got up at 7:25 for a 7:30am tofu shift. Reason #324 I love living here: a 2 minute walk past the garden is my commute.

I dread making tofu whenever I’m assigned to work there. Which is ironic, because I’m the one who assigns tofu shifts! After awhile of not being a tofu worker, I discovered it made my life easier if I could just plug myself in on open shifts instead of running around finding other people to do it. So I got trained to run the tofu kettle. It’s hot and loud and the shifts are 4 hours long. It’s not work that I have any vested interest in, except that it makes money for the community. I mean, I like eating tofu, and eating FRESH, just-pressed tofu scraps (sliced off the end of blocks that are over one pound) is a definite perk of the job. That doesn’t compel me for 4 hours, though. Most of my other work here are things that I really enjoy doing (milking the cows, being with children, doing outreach for the communities movement…), so I’m actually excited (usually) when I’m heading off to do the work. With tofu I have to convince myself that it’s important to the community, remind myself of how much I like to eat tofu, and then drag myself out of bed.

The really interesting part of this is that once I’m actually in the Tofu Hut working, I usually have a fine time. Not great, but it isn’t hellish. We play loud music and I work with my friends and we talk and laugh. This morning I worked with Paxus and we grabbed kisses from each other whenever there was a slow moment or I had to walk past him.

more later. Maybe I’ll actually describe the tofu-making process… Interested? Vote with your comments.