There are specific projects I’m working on, specific ideas I want to put out in the world. The point of Tuesday’s post is that I can’t be attached to these ideas being relevant at any point in time other than Now. I have a general sense of where these ideas will lead me, of what I can create with them, but I don’t know for certain how things will turn out. For forward motion, I need to develop an awareness of what’s true in this moment, (and then this moment, and then this moment), and be sure that I’m acting from that awareness and not from what I thought things were going to be like.

And so, I can’t know what the “end product” of all this will be — it’s beyond the scope of any possibilities I can fathom at this point. (and it’s ludicrous anyway to assume that there’s ever going to be an “end point”! It will all keep going and changing.

AND as I type I have to acknowledge that there is some core idea that I’m focused on manifesting. There’s a direction I want to see our culture move in. It’s not specific, not “a world made up of small communities that operate by consensus and no one eats meat.” I’m seeking a world that nurtures creation, that nurtures Life. It’s vague and the words I use for it are constantly changing as my understanding of what’s at the core of it changes. Three years ago I thought the core was “communities”, and maybe in some sense it still is for me… but with a broader scope, encompassing all collaboration (one of my current key buzzwords).

see, it’s shifty.