I’m going to let the cat out of the bag (don’t worry, Mictlan, it’s been declawed). I installed a program on my blog called GoStats that records statistics about the hits I get on this page. It can’t tell me who you are or what you’re wearing, but it can tell me how you linked to this site. Lots of people just type in trespass.motime.com, or have the site bookmarked, but I also get lots of hits from links on such pages as Ennui, Mictlan, and Likewise, and the Twin Oaks Member Webpages site.

but really, what’s most exciting is when people link to me from a Google or Yahoo search, because GoStats tells me what the original search query was. Oh, it’s so exciting. Let me share. The very first one I saw was “how to operate a steamtable”. Other ones include “shiney tights”, “spirit sprinkles”, “rasicm” (I’m deeply embarassed that I come up on a search for misspelling racism!), “commune”, “Life Choice Frozen Dinners”, and at least 5 different people searching for “Clea Duval”. The funniest ones, though, are the porn searches. People have clicked to my website from searches for “flexible cheerleaders”, “fucking farm animals”, and… here’s the big finale…

“pictures of women being milked like cows”