Back by popular demand: more weird search queries that bring people to this site….

Feb 11
someone searched for “scab picking” on google, and I came up at number 20, number 17 for same search on yahoo (three different people in one day linked to me from this search! Is this some kind of fetish? Any thoughts, WickedCricket? Educate a perplexed hippie woman…)

Number 8 for “sauna in lima mixed”, I’m ranked after the “Gay Guide to Lima” sites

“cheerleader accident leg”

Feb 12
someone from France searched for “Over the Edge”, and I was ranked 56 — who looks through that many pages of search results?

two different hits from searches for “cheerleader pictures”. How disappointed they must have been.

Feb 13
“pictures of women milking tofu cows” ha ha, clever blog reader. Sadly, I’m not even first on this search. I come in at 3 and 4 after an article on the merits of soy, and a review of the movie “Final Fantasy.”

yet another for “cheerleader pictures”, and one for “cheerleader blog” (#7 on Google) — do I think it was someone actually looking for me? Yes, on some egocentric level, I do. On a reality level, I’m more skeptical (though not entirely convinced against it!)

Feb 15
“wonder woman and superman friendship”

“pictures of women milked like cows fucking” — I’m assuming this one is a joke, yes? I’m in the top ten on this one, yee haw (twirls finger lethargically in air)

and yet again, “cheerleader pictures”. Maybe I should post some old photos of me in my uniform so it’s not false advertising? Maybe not.

Feb 16
“serena lu” — i come up number one! Interesting search query… was that you, Serena?

“milk homoginization unhealthy” — Number one of 3 results. Ah, the merits of misspelling words! (I looked it up… proper spelling is “homogenization”)