In Chicago. What a different world. Television! Television! Irresistably compelling and horrifying at the same time. I’ve started a mental account of sexualized images of women vs. sexualized images of men. Women are winning: 27:0.

Walked around the city today and one of the most obvious differences between my life on the commune and this weird world is how little exposure to actual Earth there is. Or Nature in general. You can hardly see the sky for all the tall buildings, much less any grass or dirt or, gasp, animals. Well, there’s the pigeons.

I went to the planetarium and saw a movie called “The Future is Wild”. It started out with the premise that in a few million years, humans will be long gone. Extinct. It moved on from there to hypothesize what kinds of creatures might exist then, but it took me awhile to move on from that original assumption. Just wrapping my mind around humans not existing… yikes. It means I’m not all that important. Once I got past that, I really enjoyed the film. Crazy creatures that shoot acid from their nose to ward off predators, and turtles as big as dinosaurs. What a head spin, to think about this planet in 2 billion years. It makes my emotional fears feel lighter.

I’m typing this from Serenalu’s apartment. The best thing about the place (besides Sereunalu herself) is that she has great toilet paper. Soft and thick, so different from the one-ply shit at Twin Oaks. Ahhh… it makes excreting such a pleasurable experience! Except, of course, no composting toilets here. It all goes directly into clean water. I really felt out of my element this morning peeling an orange, and realizing the peel would go in the trash instead of to the compost. And then there’s the television. Television! The Real World seems a lot less real to me now.