I’m at Grand Valley State University, getting ready to speak to two classes of college freshmen.  These are the classes I love to teach because I literally blow their minds.  99% of the students I speak with have NEVER heard of a commune, and when I describe my life to them, it’s beyond what most of them ever thought possible.  And opening people to possibility is my favorite playground activity.

I’m writing this just as much for myself as I am for your reading pleasure.  I need to reconnect with why it’s important for me to be here, because I really want to be home right now.  My mind feels muddled and sloppy and I’m having a hard time articulating myself and all I really want to do is lay in bed and talk with a friend about these frustratingly confusing thoughts that are running through my mind.  But instead I’m here, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, wearing trendy clothes and a belt (ugh) and trying to communicate with students who I don’t particularly understand.  Actually, I have to admit that I’m being pretty critical and judgemental of myself these days, which means that I’m also really judgemental of other people.  Yup, it’s true, I have real contempt for some of the people I’ve met here, and that’s not the way I want to be, but it’s where I go when I’m struggling with myself.


and when I was in Chicago, I learned they dye the fucking river green for St Patricks Day.