I’m going to go out on a limb here, and write the thoughts that are bouncing around in my mind without really being clear on if they’re “right”.

I was reading Margaret Cho’s blog response to Bush’s statement on gay marriage, and these thoughts began bubbling up inside me. I’m turning up the heat to see what they look like at a full boil, and I’m going to do it right here on my blog. Watch out. Boiling water can burn.

Cho uses the word “freedom” alot in her rant about gay marriage. She asserts that gay marriage needs to be recognized by the government in order to ensure freedom. If we really seek freedom, we aren’t going to get it from the government.

I get that the government grants specific rights and priviledges based on the legal institution of marriage, and that limiting those rights based on sexual orientation is fucked up and homophobic. What are “rights” anyway? Gracious handouts from Big Brother? If I want to live free, I can only do it. I can’t ask for permission. I don’t want whatever rights would come from being married or having a special tax status. Asking for rights from the government is saying “please oh please, let me participate in your oppression!” Any form of governance that isn’t based in direct participation is oppressive. “We’ll decide what you can do, ask permission for anything else.” No. I don’t agree. I acknowledge my responsibility for the ways that I impact the lives of those around me. I’m willing to make agreements with other people about the things that I do that affect them, and we can collectively negotiate ways of living that honor all of our needs. My choices are then based on my understanding of other people’s needs, not fear of punishment. Yes, that’s key for me. That I choose how I want to participate in the world based on awareness and compassion and knowledge, instead of fear. Why do you follow the speed limit? So you won’t crash your car? No, so you won’t get a ticket. Bullshit.

I drank a cup of coffee this morning. Yikes. Caffine really stimulates. Watch out world — caffine-hyped anarchist on the loose.