I’m watching a wasp in the window. It’s on the inside, trying to get out. I could help it. I could find some container, catch the wasp, and transport it outside. But I’m in a back room that’s rather far from a door, and I’m wondering if it’s worth it. To me, to the wasp, to the ultimate universe. And it’s chilly outside — would the wasp prefer to stay indoors? It’s trying to get out the window, but it doesn’t know how cold it is outside. And yet, to be trapped indoors, with no access to the outside, no choice about whether to be out or in… I’d rather be cold and free than trapped and warm. What does the wasp prefer? Security or freedom?

And if the wasp prefers freedom, do I have a responsibility to provide it, based on my ability to provide it? What if it stings me while I’m trying to catch it, not knowing that I’m trying to help it?

Who am I to think I know what the wasp wants?

Don’t we all want freedom?

Don’t we?