thinking about death today — should that have a capital “D”, I wonder? Is it Death or death that I’m thinking about… Death, I suppose, because I’m thinking about it in the abstract, “the nature of”. And, like a coin must have two sides, thinking about Death leads to thinking about Life. And whenever I think about things that begin with capital letters, I come up with Metaphors.

I was just sitting on the toilet, shitting (I love the verb “shit”, it’s almost onomatopeic) and thinking. My aunt died yesterday, my dad’s sister. I’ve been at home since Monday to help out my family while she was in the hospital. Here comes the metaphor: our lives are like the progress of food through the body. The body of the metaphor is the world around us, which we nourish (or not, like a Twinkie) during our lives. The type of nourishment we provide depends on the nature of who we Are, and in the end (the rear end!) it all comes out the same. The bodyworld carries on, grows, dances, and moves, nourished by the slice of apple, the bite of chocolate cake, the swig of whiskey, and the “hull” or “chaff” comes out the other end, mixed in as one with everything else, indistinguishable (usually, except for unchewed raisins), and goes back to the Earth to compost and nourish new growth.

So how do I want my life to nourish the world? I want to be a veggie stir-fry over rice (with chick peas so it’s a complete protein), with a hit of Ecstacy mixed in for some much needed world-altering experiences.