“New York City, center of the universe — times are shitty, but I’m pretty sure things can’t get worse”

hit musical identification for 10 points — anyone?

In NYC for the next few days, gallavanting around with Paxus and causing some trouble. Today it’s just been cultivating the intense love between us, groping each other in the subway station and waiting in line at restraunts. Working on the “You two are the happiest people I’ve ever seen” vibe — quote from a student at East Carolina University a few months ago when we spoke there about alternatives to mainstream life.

Tonight we started planning a street theatre piece we want to perform in Washington Square Park and Times Square, called “These Boobs Weren’t Made For Gawking”. It’s supposedly legal for women to be topless here… but no one does it. We’re gonna see if it’s really true, and how people react when someone (yours truly) actually does it.

any advice, all you New Yorkers… out there? Is there anything we should be sure to do/see while we’re in the city? (we’re here till Thursday)