“On the Superfluousness of Deoderant”

I woke up this morning thinking about how much money corporations make by promoting the ideology that who you are is bad, wrong, and just not good enough. Makeup, deoderant, and bras come to mind specifically, but it also happens with cars, clothes, jewelry… basically anything that needs an advertisement to get you to buy it.

So, deoderant… based on the message that our bodies smell bad. I’m sure I’m going to get comments that say “But people STANK!”, and I’m going to argue that our idea of stinky is based on a purfumed culture, an ideal that’s been created by what we’re used to smelling. Our noses are accustomed to smelling “purchased” smells, and shy away from the foreign “spice” (shall we say) of natural body odor. I can say from experience on the commune that you just get used to it after a few days (maybe a week for more sensitive-nosed people). When you aren’t surrounded by people smelling like Floral Sunset and Ocean Breeze, you get used to people smelling like people. No purchase necessary. We take showers and swim in the pond to wash off the dirt and grime, sure. We’ve just created a different expectation for our noses that doesn’t require alteration of what we naturally are.

Break free of the chains created by purfumes and deoderants! Smell like a real person, instead of a floral shop! Liberate your bodies! Liberate your noses!