I feel like I’m MarieMarionette. I just had a rather intense and hot date with a man I don’t know very well (though we’ve lived here together for nearly 2 years). This started as a “6 point” date, which is a matchmaking game we play here, usually around Feb 14 (which we call Validation Day). People in the community are given a chance to opt out of the game, and then everyone gets a list of people who are in on the game, with the numbers one to six after each name. The numbers stand for levels of potential or desired intimacy: 1 is a work date, 2 is a hang out date, 3 is a cuddle date, 4 is a one night stand, 5 is developing an emotional relationship, and 6 this year was “spiritual connection, no action necessary” (the actual meanings of each number change a bit from year to year). People who play the 6 point game circle the numbers which correlate with the types of interaction they’d like to have or be open to having with each person on the list. Then someone who has vowed to be “Iron Lips” (i.e. to keep all ballots a secret), cross references people’s games to see what levels people match on, and records the numbers that people mutually selected for each other. For instance, if I circled a one, two, and five for someone, and they circled a two, three, and four for me, we’d both find out that we matched at a two. I wouldn’t find out what else the other person had for me, and they wouldn’t find out about my other votes either.

We played the game back in February, and this man and I just had our date tonight (we’re both very busy people). We matched at a two and a three, so we decided to get together to hang out and talk, with the possibility of more. We drove into town and bought a mango, a cantaloupe, and a bottle of wine, and went down to the pond to eat and talk on the edge of the water. It was already dark by the time we got back from town, so he grabbed some candles and we had a lovely candle-lit fruit-eating and conversation about random things. Then we jumped in the pond, which was suprisingly warm, and made our way back to my room for the “see what happens” part of the date…

which was great, and you don’t get the lurid details. Sorry.