A friend wrote a comment on my last post, reminding me and others about the health crisis in Africa concerning AIDS. There’s lots of work to be done on numerous, enormous issues. It’s important work, and more people need to be doing it.

I’m working based on the idea that the most effective way to help the oppressed is to challenge the oppressive system. There’s a reason why people in Africa aren’t being supported, and it’s not because enough Americans aren’t calling their senators. It’s rooted in a system of dominance and oppression, an ideology of “power over” and individualism, and a reliance on the exploitation of other people and the earth. I’m dedicated to challenging this system by creating and promoting an alternative. This doesn’t negate the importance of putting energy into healing current problems — I’m just doing different work.

“But wait!”, I say to myself! “It’s not different work!” It’s all interconnected, focused on healing and changing towards a more compassionate and wholistic experience of the World and of Life. And this is the level where I need to be directing my focus in order to feel fully engaged in making this change.