I was in the garden picking zucchini yesterday, and I saw a bumble bee covered in pollen emerge from a zucchini flower (which are enormous) and land on one of the plants large, broad leaves. The bee was struggling to wipe some of the pollen off of it’s leaves and legs so it could fly, and I watched it use it’s legs to akwardly wipe itself for at least two minutes. It was obviously agitated, and eventually got enough off so it could fly away.

It made me think about my idealization of nature as “perfect”, and my judgement of myself in all of my struggles as “imperfect”, and notice the inconsistencies. First of all, humans are a part of Nature. The seperation between what is Natural and what is Human is illusory. AND, struggle is a part of nature! Animals get sick, trees loose limbs in storms, plants get trampled by herds of wildebeasts, and the butterfly strengthens its wings in the struggle out of the coccoon.

Perfection isn’t a goal of nature. What is? Growth.