Search Query Award of the day:

(it’s a three-way tie)
Frog Cheerleader
skirt swished
cow deoderant

all three led unwitting searchers to this very blog…

Today we’re celebrating the 37th Anniversary of the founding of Twin Oaks. We’ve got a busy day planned — there’s an open mic/talent show that we call a “coffehouse”, and a children’s play called The Journey to Onomatopeia (which I’ve been working on with the kids for nearly 4 months of weekly drama class! They came up with the characters they wanted to play and then we fit them all into a story).

There’s also going to be a wedding! Two people who live here are getting married and they’ve planned a wild theatrical soap opera-style ceremony with people planted in the audience to stand up and interrupt when the “minister” asks the famous question (“speak now or forever hold your peace”). I’ve got the role of the scientist with the DNA evidence to prove that the man who claims he’s already married to the bride isn’t who he says he is. I wanted to be the high priestess who puts a hex on the wedding because the groom scorned her, but someone else got that part first.

Other exciting festivities of the day include the premiere performance of the Twin Oaks Flag Corps, a group of three of us who all twirled flags in High School. We’ve been practicing in secret for the past three days, with homemade flags from scrap plumbing pipes and bed sheets (we tried to use fabric hammocks beds, but they were too heavy). And finally, after dinner the All Request Dance Band is playing a long set, including “Everybody Dance Now” in which I get to rap, and “Killing Me Softly” where Hejira and I sing luscious harmony, and our original funk version of “Like a Prayer”.

So I’ve got a long day. I don’t know what I’m doing still sitting here at the computer. I guess I just wanted to share it all with you.