Anniversary was fantastic! The soap opera wedding was a hit — one woman played the bride’s lesbian lover (“what about last night?”) and another man confessed that he’s secretly loved the groom for years, and asked him to run away with him.

The open mic in the courtyard was lovely. “Coffeehouses” (as we call them) are one of my favorite events here. It’s a time where people open themselves artistically, sharing at a deeper level of expression than in our day-to-day interactions. People are daring, and silly, and vulnerable, and passionate, and the audience is wholeheartedly supportive and loving. Lots of cheering, lots of clapping, lots of laughing. These are the types of events where I really feel the extrarodinary nature of this community. At some point during the day I looked around and realized that I felt overwhelmingly happy and free. A real “I’m really in love with my life” moment. I feel like I’m reconnecting with myself after a winter of frustration, and I’m delighted by that!

The kids play was great, exhausting, stressful, and hilarious. Lots of prompting from offstage and people forgetting their lines, but it was still fantastic. There was one point where the people who were supposed to go onstage had forgotten to change their costumes, and were backstage frantically working to get dressed. I had to walk onstage and ad lib for awhile, and the audience loved it. I’m so proud of the script, I’m looking into entering it into a children’s theatre script competition!

The kids play was immediately before dinner, and right after dinner three of us performed our flag routine, and we were GREAT! People loved it! The routine was short, only two minutes long, and as soon as we finished (after the applause had died down), people asked us to do it again. So we did, to even more applause. It was great, and I was really proud, once again.

Then, the All Request Dance Band played, and it was the highlight of the day. The dance floor was completely packed, and people went WILD. One woman told me today that she couldn’t stop dancing, even when she wanted to. The klezmer band played the Jewish wedding song and
the bride and groom were carried around on chairs), and a great DJ played music for the rest of the night. About halfway through the party, three other women and I did tequila shots on the basketball court, licking the salt off each others wrists. Yum. I felt like I was in college again… oh, tequila.

And I ended the night with some sweet affection with a guest who had helped me
out with the children’s theater group. On Sat night we ended up dancing together and then at the end of the song we came together for a hug and ended up kissing, then we snuck off into the shadows of the deck. It was sweet and lovely and I’m very happy. And after a midnight dip in the pond together and nice conversation, I went home alone — which was exactly what I wanted — to lay in bed by myself, marinating in the memories of the day. He’ll be at the RNC protests in September and I’m hoping to see him there, then he’s going back to Chicago, a regular travel place for me anyway (Hey Serenalu!). I’m very happy.