I just spent a very silly evening with some very silly friends. I was scheduled to clean up after dinner (a two-hour affair involving three people washing dishes and putting away leftovers), and when I finished I ran down to the courtyard. Two friends of mine were hanging out tonight, and since I’m leaving on a trip tomorrow (Iowa, here I come!), they invited me to hang out with them on their regular date night. The three of us used to spend a lot of time together, back when “the guy” and I were romantically involved and were both lusting over “the gal”, but when he and I ended our romance, we stopped hanging out as a threesome. Tonight was fantastic, fun, and completely silly. She had one beer left in her room, and we pretended that it was the only beer left on Earth, after civilization has fallen and we’re scavenging around the rubble for supplies.

The Guy: Hey, I went to the Forbidden Zone today.
The Gal: The Forbidden Zone!? What were you doing there?
The Guy: Don’t worry, all the gangs were out at the Boundaries today… it wasn’t dangerous. Anyway, I went to the ruins of the Food Lion, and I was rummaging around in the debris — and look what I found!
Us: WHOA… I haven’t seen one of those in years!
The Guy: Let’s drink it together, and think about the old days.
Me: Wait! We could use it to barter for supplies!
The Gal: Yeah, something like that could get us medicine, or food.
Me: Or maybe we could bribe the guards at the Boundary and make it through the Forbidden Zone to Northern Utopia.
All of us: Ahhh…
The Guy: No, it’s too late. When I was in the Forbidden Zone today I overheard people talking about the Republican Mass Army invading tomorrow. This is our last night of freedom.
The Gal: Then let’s drink.

So we passed the bottle around, and talked about what we’d do if someday we ended up inhabiting each other’s bodies, just for 24 hours. The sexual stuff inevitably came up quickly, but then we moved on to saying what we’d really want to do. I noticed that the things I most wanted to do in “the gal’s” body are things that I admire in her that I don’t feel comfortable with in myself. I said I’d wear funky clothes and jump around and speak my mind and show off my mohawk (she has a beautiful mohawk that makes me melt whenever I see her). She said if she were in my body, she’d flirt a lot and dance around and enjoy life and not take things too seriously. It was an interesting look at what we each admire in the other person. “The Guy” just sat back and listened, and talked about how he’d have to have sex with someone, preferably with himself, or with whoever was inhabiting his body while he was inhabiting “the Gal’s”.

Then we headed out to look at the meteor shower, but go hijacked by a friend who got us started on a conversation about the next musical we’re going to perform. We brainstormed about how to alchemize “West Side Story” into a showdown between the hammock makers and the tofu workers. Then we tried to say goodnight in all the different languages we could come up with. I think we got 12, including Czech, Swedish, and Korean, and Hebrew.

And now I’m procrastinating packing for tomorrow’s trip to Iowa. A friend and I are driving from Virginia for a three-day conference of the International Communal Studies Association, where we’re giving a presentation about Twin Oaks. We spent the day packing up veggies from the garden and homemade bread and containers of well water, with the hopes of maintaining some semblance of sanity while we’re on the road. Trying to find decent food to eat is one of my main frustrations while travelling. Everything is so processed! I’ve really been appreciating eating food directly from the Earth, in it’s basic, raw form. Cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli… yum. mmmm… sweet dreams

Guten Nacht! Bonne Nuit! La La Salama! Wan An!