I laughed harder tonight than I’ve laughed in awhile, the uncontrollable, tears-streaming-down-my-face kind of laughter.

a group of us got together to play games after dinner. We started out with Pictionary, and then took a break and ran down to the pond for a late night swim. Eight of us floated around in the water for an hour, talking and laughing in the dark. A few times I pulled my awareness back and allowed myself to acknowledge and appreciate the beauty of the experience — noticing the brilliant stars overhead and the feel of the water on my body, feeling the utter joy of laughing with a large group of friends.

when it got too cold to stay in the water, we went back to the games, and started to play Taboo (the game where one person has to get the rest of the people to guess a specific word, and they can say anything except for 5 words listed on the card). One person started describing her word, saying “when you go somewhere on vacation, you stay in a …” “HOTEL!” we yelled.
“Yes, and the person who takes your…”
“Like that, but different”
“Yes, but the end is bouncy”
“Bellboy-oy-oy!” was the first thing out of my mouth. Another friend and I started laughing hysterically, and started laughing even more when she finally revealed that the word was “Bellhop”.

I had a garden shift this morning, which during this time of year is 4 hours, starting at 8am. Lunch is at noon, and one of the reasons why I love garden shifts is that I get 4 hours of work done before lunch. Our labor commitment to the community each week is 42 hours of work, which averages out to 6 hours a day. So when I have a garden shift in the morning, I only have two hours left to do after lunch. Tonight I was scheduled for dishes after dinner, which is a two hour job for 3 people, so I didn’t have to do any work all afternoon. I ended up weaving hammocks for awhile anyway because I didn’t do much work at all yesterday, so I need to make up for it if I’m going to make “quota” this week. But still, it was nice to know I could take it easy. A friend and I made popsicles with orange juice, and others with mashed up banannas in soymilk. We all ate them tonight during the games, and they were delicious! We decided we’re going to be the popsicle queens this summer, and make all different flavors all summer long. This friend is a new member who I “click” with so well — we actually grew up in the same state and went to similar colleges about two hours away from each other. She’s been here 3 days and we’re already unseperable! Hooray for friendship!

Yikes, that sounds cheesy. For balance, I’ll report that there is currently a big black bug crawling across the carpet in the office.