After 2 years, I’ve finally found my favorite spot in the community. It’s the upper level of our old dairy barn, now used for various storage. Right now, the lower half is our recycling storage, and the upper level is full of onions layed out on racks to cure. The sides of the barn are wooden slats that weren’t even attempted to fit closely together, and the afternoon sun slants in on all sides through the cracks. There are open windows at the front and the back, so there’s a constant cross breeze. The rear window looks out on a cow pasture lined with juniper trees, and below it, the pond. The front window faces one of our gardens, and a main path runs directly past it.

Our garden manager is on vacation for a couple weeks, and so individual members of the garden crew have taken on different responsibilities to keep everything flowing and growing. I’ve become the Onion Queen. It’s my job to check on the curing onions to see when they’re ready to be trimmed and bagged for storage. For the past two days, I’ve spent hours just sitting up there beside the onion racks, snipping off the tops and listening to classical music. It’s the only place I’ve found in the community where I can work for 5 hours straight without seeing another person. I can let my mind wander without external input of people asking me questions or even simply overhearing conversations. I’m by myself, alone, a rare feeling on the commune. And I love it. Luckily, there’s still lots more onions to go!

Other news from the commune: one of our current visitors does aura readings, and she’s been doing sessions with lots of members over the past 2 weeks. A common conversation in the lounge now begins with “what color is your aura?” Lots of laughing and acknowledging that we’re fulfillig the stereotypes of a new age hippie commune, but still, it’s not unusual to walk past a group of people and hear them talking about their “primary”, “secondary”, and “tertiary” aura colors, their “toxic” colors, and their shamanic paths. I’m a Sensitive Tan, with secondary and tertiary colors of Red and Green. Magenta is my Toxic Color — she told me to get rid of any magenta clothing I have. My personal fashion statement hasn’t included a lot of magenta lately anyways.

and finally, tonight I started to learn how to spin poi — the precursor to fire dancing. Another visitor (not the aura lady) has been spinning fire for years and she performed for us at a party a few nights ago. Tonight she started teaching me (sans fire!), and I love it. Dancing is something I love to do because it roots me in my body. This is completely different because it EXTENDS my movement beyond my body! On a couple of moves I actually had to put down the poi and just made circles with my arms until I could grok how everything was supposed to flow. Very challenging, and very rewarding. A completely different way of dancing for me, using “instruments” that are connected to my body and influenced by my body but operating in their own realm of movement and gravity. It was a stretch for my mind, and I crave that kind of mental and physical challenge. OOH! Just wait until I’m ready to light them on fire…