it’s a foggy foggy morning on the commune. I woke up and it looked like it had snowed outside, it was so white and still.
I’m getting ready for our annual Women’s Gathering, happening this weekend. It’s a three day event up at our large outdoor conference site, and includes workshops led by women from across the country, on-site camping, and evenings of musical and otherwise-artistic
performances by Women’s Gathering participants. It’s a weekend rich with drumming, dancing, collaborating,
learning, laughing, singing, creating, and squishing around in an earthen mud pit (one of my favorite parts!) It’s a women’s only space, which I had never really experienced until last year’s Gathering. It was phenomenal to share and dance and play without the influence of men around… I allow different pieces of myself to sing louder and shine brighter. I wouldn’t assert that life would be better with only women around, it’s just rich in a different way, a transformative experience to see and share these different ways of being, and then incorporate pieces of it into my life in general. Like a great mushroom trip — I wouldn’t want my life to be like it all the time, AND I gain rich insight into who I am and how I want to be in the world.

I’m also trying to decide if I’m going up to the RNC protests next week. I’ll miss the big march on Sunday, but there’s still an entire week of actions after that. I want to go for a lot of reasons: connecting with activist friends from across the country who I haven’t seen in a long time, playing and having fun and injecting a hit of alternative joyous culture into the world, being a part of this fairly historic event… and yet, I’m kind of burnt out on traditional protests. Unless I can find a way to participate in them that doesn’t just feel like yelling, they don’t do much for me. So my friends and I are planning on bringing drums and other musical instruments (homemade!), wearing funky fun costumes, and singing and dancing and being HAPPY and enjoying our lives, presenting ourselves as an alternative to the world attempting to be created by the folks inside the convention. It’s something I feel like I’m doing everyday… and this is an opportunity to do it more visibly.