a black helicopter came by today, circling low over the courtyard, gardens, and pond about 15 times. I was in the composting toilet, which has a large window overlooking the pond (the best view on the commune), and the helicopter flew right by and got a great view of me.

the helicopter was loud and low, and had no markings whatsoever. It was low enough that we could see the person inside, and after it had circled a few times, a few folks started yelling at it and flipping it off. It was mostly the older members doing that (us younger ones were just staring in disbelief), and it was powerful for me to see these often-quiet folks so passionately enraged. “This is our home! Stay the fuck away!” It was really unnerving… very much a reminder of the Big Brother potential of authority. A few people called the sherrif to ask what was going on, and they said “they’re just taking pictures”. Fuck off.

hours later now… what frustrates me most about this is the implied threat. Real or not, the low-flying, unmarked, repeatedly-circling black helicopter embodies the threat of the watchful eye. “We’re watching you,” it says “Just in case you thought you had power over your lives… this is a reminder that we’re the ones in charge here.”

do I sound paranoid or conspiracy-theoroid? am I? I don’t think so. How would you feel if a black helicopter circled your home 15 times, flying low enough to look in your windows? I feel intruded upon. And the sherrif’s reply that they’re “just taking pictures”… just taking pictures? Should I be relieved about that? My overwhelming feeling is: who do you think you are? What makes you think you can come into our home uninvited and peer into our windows? Come for a Saturday Tour! Pay the $5 like everyone else!