Here’s a link to the blog of a visitor here, Ken, who’s going through our three-week visitor program. Funny connection (esp for all you Wittenbergers): this guy was my research librarian in college! He does a great job of giving first impressions on our wacky life here (whereas I can only give you my two-years-in observations).

I just talked with a reporter from a Charlottesville newspaper about the helicopter experience a few days ago. When she asked how I felt about it, I said “I felt like a third grader with a mean substitute teacher”.

I woke up this morning to sweet affection with a friend who had spent the night. I was struck by how tender, respectful, sweet, and loving touch can reach into my depths and open me, like a fist unclenching. This kind of touch feels like a distant memory, with most of my romps this summer (quite few, actually) focused more on the physical than the emotional. It was a reminder for me of what I want sex to be, the role I want it to play in my life. I haven’t been very sexually engaged this summer, and I think part of that is because I haven’t felt the potential for this kind of tender sweetness.

ahhh… real intimate connection! This is what Life is about (I think I had forgotten that).