things are quiet, cold, and rainy here after a wild and rich weekend at our annual Communities Conference. I co-facilitated a workshop about Lifestyle Activism which was well-attended and thought-provoking (if I do say so myself!). We talked primarily about resource-sharing and language choices as ways of shifting one’s participation in the world. Have you ever done the exercize of noticing how different it feels to use AND instead of BUT? As in:

“I really care about you, but there’s something I need to talk with you about” OR
“I really care about you, and there’s something I need to talk with you about.”

give it a try — it’s amazing. BUT is combative and negating. Saying AND affirms that two things can both exist in the same space, which is my model for the collaborative world I’m passionate about creating.

And, I’m in Love… which is a phrase that has held an entirely different meaning for me in the past, and it’s appropriate in this instance, in its new meaning. I’m in a space of Love, in an energy of Love. If Love were a jungle I’d be dancing on the moist moss carpet and swinging on the vines and eating the edible flowers. “In” is the operative word here… I’m immersed in and of Love! If I called you on the phone and you asked me where I was calling from, I’d say “I’m in Love!” just like I’d say “I’m in Cincinnati!”

It’s more than the beauty of the other person; it’s the space we find together. It’s the space behind the door that opens in me when he spins the dial on the padlocked handle. The door just disappears at his touch. Whoosh, and I’m open.

and, there’s going to be a calf born tonight. I was watching a video with some friends, including the Dairy manager, and another milker came in to report that Zinnia is showing signs of imminent labor! At that moment, I missed being a milker… I missed the intimate connection with the animals and their lives, being on call all night to check for a calf, seeing the single cow suddenly (or over the course of a few hours) become mamma and baby. And yet, the movie we watched tonight was “Chicken Run”, and I couldn’t help but see the paralells. Ahh… life in all its complexities. Ahh… love love love….