the article about the helicopter came out in the Charlottesville paper today. It’s fairly well-written — though she didn’t use any quotes from me! Read it online here.

My favorite part is the quote from the Louisa County sherrif. When the reporter asked him if he had ever had any trouble with Twin Oakers, he replied:

“We wouldn’t need any law enforcement if everybody lived like they do at Twin Oaks.”

!!! The sherrif preaches the gospel of anarchy!

in other news, I’ve spent the past day and a half in excruciating anticipation. Two other Oakers and I recently drove up to Baltimore (supposedly a 3-hour trip, but it took us 5 with DC traffic!) for a casting call to be extras in a movie that’s being shot this month. After the 5 hour drive (and two near-accidents in rush hour traffic), we stood in line outside the B’more ESPN zone for an hour, headshots in hand. We inched slowly towards the door, trying to edge as close to the building as possible to stay out of the afternoon sun. Makeup! I wore MAKEUP! And I felt like it was melting on my face as I stood on the sidewalk with hundreds of other hopefulls. We were finally ushered inside, into a small room packed with people. There were about 15 people seated at long tables talking with wannabe extras, and when one person walked away, another one jumped into their place to have their minute-and-a-half with the casting agent. When I was next in line, one person walked away from the table and I made eye contact with the casting agent left vacant. As I began to step towards him, another woman rushed forward and handed him her headshot. He shot me a confused look and said, “Weren’t you next?” I smiled and shrugged, and told her to go ahead. “No, no, you were next. Come on over!” He told the other woman to wait for the next open agent.

I walked up to him laughing and said, “I don’t want to be one of those pushy ‘Here I am, make me a star’ kind of people.” He stared me straight in the eyes and said “Do you want this?” I looked right back and said “Hell yes!” He looked over the form I had filled out and raised his eyebrows. “You’re a farmer and an editor?” (it was another one of those cases where I didn’t know what to write on the “occupation” line) I laughed and said “yup!” He started giving his schpiel about checking the website to find out if I had been cast, writing something on my sheet while he was talking. I leaned over and asked playfully “what are you writing?” He held it up for me to see.

“Very friendly, great smile”

“Now this doesn’t mean anything, but I remember people like you. Check the website after September 1 to find out if you’ve been picked.”

So I checked on September 1 and there was a message that said “we aren’t making any decisions until after Labor Day. Check back then.” Then I checked after Labor Day and there was another message about wardrobe requirements, if we get chosen as extras. Then yesterday they put up SAG guidelines (the film actors’ union), along with a message that says: “We are in the process of choosing now. Please check back frequently.” And I’ve been checking back frequently, about every hour (sometimes twice an hour, I admit… sometimes twice in ten minutes!). It’s silly, I know. It would only be as an extra, walking across the set back and forth. But I miss acting, and I miss the acting world. More than being in a movie, I want to be a part of the theatre scene again.

This feeling of “waiting for the cast list to go up” is so familiar to me. In college I’d sit in class with a tightening knot in my stomach, making wild eye contact with others in the class who had also auditioned. We’d run together to the theatre after class and from far away recognize the telltale sheet of paper taped to the glass door. Some people had superstitions about it; they wouldn’t go to look with anyone else, they wouldn’t talk about the audition until the cast list was posted, they had a certain route to get to the theatre… I just ran, and stared for awhile at whatever words were there. First, scan for my own name. Then the names of key friends. Then, stare for awhile and soak it all in. There was only once in college when I didn’t find my name on the list, and that led me into an enormous self-reflection about validity and worth and how much it’s determined by others’ assesment of me… still working on that one!

and so I wait, still (just checked it again!). You can check it out too, and play along. Pretend like you’ve auditioned and you’re waiting to see if you got the part you really want. Try it out, it’s fun.. like watching a horror movie.