the Metaphysics of Duality
I posed for a 3 hour art class last night, which is a fantastic opportunity for metaphysical reflection. The body becomes merely an instrument, and the mind is free to wander with little outside stimulus. I wrote an email to Pax about it, and he promted even more reflection, which i liked, and wanted to share here. From the email:

> > I spent my three hours contemplating the importance
> > of the
> > differences between men and women (having the
> > differences
> > highlights the similarities, what it is to be human)
> > and deconstructing
> > the lyrics to “Phantom of the Opera” — there’s a
> > love letter to you in there somewhere.
> there you are in duality land again – talk with shayn
> about the differences and s/he will tell you about the
> blur which is gender. it is just lke this
> transendental right/wrong thing you are addicted to –
> give it up my love, it is a world of contradictions in
> which opposite things are both true and false in
> alternating moments.
> >

yes! It’s a continuum, constantly changing, duality and constancy existing together. The duality acknowledges the extremes (which are limitless), and reality exists somewhere between those poles, constantly shifting between them — I think the movement is in search of balance… maybe just in search of change. Understanding the nature of the poles can help in being more intentional about the change, or at least in understanding the journey more.