And we’re off… the Twin Oaks Halloween Party is still going strong, dance music blaring from Zhankoye all the way down to the courtyard. I’m drunk on Tequila and Pax is sober to drive to Ohio in half an hour. That’s right, in thirty short minutes we’ll be on the road to change the fate of the country, headed to “the Heart of it All” in Ohio, my home state and major battleground — or, to move away from militaristic language of the mainstream, major “point of interest” — for the upcoming presidential election.

For the Halloween party tonight I dressed up as American Democracy. I wore a red and white leotard with shiney blue tights, and I painted my face like a ghost. When we showed off our costumes in the annual “costume parade”, I said “Hi! I’m American Democracy! (cheerleader kick!) And I’m DEAD!” (more cheerleader kicks)

Now I’m headed to my room, to throw semi-respectable clothes (and my “American Democracy” costume) into a bag. Then we’ll jump in the car and head off… updates coming soon about what transpires.

I just found out that Georgie W. is going to be in Cincinnati tomorrow… look for pictures of me in my blue tights on the national news…