Pax and I had great plans for today’s blog entry, but seeing as it’s 1:23am and we’re scheduled to be at the polls in 5 short hours, we’re going to give the shortest brief, and leave you hanging until later.

We spent the day running around from place to place, looking for engaging work. We tried a canvassing training with the community group ACORN, which we left early because it didn’t feel like a fit for us. We popped into the Kerry/Edwards headquarters and quickly bailed, worked some with ACT again (more stickers on more fliers), and finally ended up at an “Election Protection” training for doing voter rights stuff at the polls tomorrow (today?). I’m sure we’ll have some great stories. We ended up the day back at the Kerry headquarters, where we turned on our “brilliant organizer” personas and took over a major, complicated, pain-in-the-ass project. And now we’re sleeping.

a quote from tonight’s dinner with my parents:
my mom: A toast! To John Kerry!
me: (wincing, then…) To political change!
Pax: To sending Bush back to Crawford Texas!

thus, the way we find agreement in my family on politics.