(Alas, this post seems almost irrelevant without the old photos… not sure if these particular photos actually exist anywhere electronically anymore.)

And now, for your viewing pleasure (and for the memory of warm days)…  photos from the commune!  Thanks to Serenalu for instructions on picture posting.

This picture is from Thursday afternoon.  Today is Sunday.   It’s snowing in central Virginia.  On Thursday we were hula hooping in tank tops.  It was such a beautiful day, 80 degrees (F),  and we decided to have a Twin Oaks Cirque de Soleil in the courtyard.  I got out my flag from this summer’s flag corps extravaganza, and we busted out the giant hula hoops as well.  Ta da!  I skipped a tofu management meeting to hula hoop, and it was worth it.  Neither one of these people is me, FYI, and because I haven’t told/asked them about using their photos on here, I won’t tell you their names…

The other picture is from New Year’s Day, the morning after the grand party.  It’s quite the ideal vision of life on a hippie commune, and I love it.

Now that I know how, I’ll post more photos in the future.  This is just to whet your appetite.  You can also go to the Twin Oaks homepage where you’ll find a link to our online photo album, if you can’t wait for my photojournalism.