There’s so much I’ve wanted to write about recently, and I’ve been too busy to sit myself down at a computer for the hour it usually takes me to write a post I’m happy with (I’m a bit of a perfectionist).  Actually, being busy was one of the topics I wanted to write about!

I’ve been so BOOKED lately.  I usually tend to keep myself busy, but you’d think I’d find some time to relax on a hippie commune where we only have to work less than 6 hours a day (our labor quota is 38 hours a week right now).  We have these little “labor sheets” each week with all of our assigned labor on it.  My sheet has been booked solid with Cabaret  rehersals, tofu shifts (we’re doing three production days each week now), childcare, and random meetings…. which means that I don’t have any time to do all of the things that I’m responsible for that don’t get scheduled on my labor sheet, like tasks I take on in meetings, editing the newsletter, thinking about projects I’m working on, booking speaking gigs, processing my personal relationships with people, sleeping…  Complain, complain… I have an amazing life here.  Where else could my schedule be booked by 20 hours of rehersal in a week and have that mean that I only have to do 18 hours of other work?

My main struggle is that I’ve taken on too much.  I want to do everything, and there’s so much to do!  I’m not working in the garden because the labor assigner can’t find enough room on my schedule for a 3-hour shift, and I MISS working with the earth.  I was assigned to be the “greens harvester” (a one-hour job) a few days ago, and as I was out in the field with my bucket and knife, cutting leaves of kale while the forestry crew chainsawed wood across the road, I remembered how vital it is to me to have work outside with the Earth.  Being engaged in the basic work of providing food was one of the main reasons I moved to the commune, and now I rarely do it because I’m involved in all kinds of heady endeavors.

I have many more thoughts on this, and now it’s time for dinner!  I’ll be back with brilliant insight another time.