I’m exhausted.  Pax and I just returned this afternoon from a speaking gig down in North Carolina at East Carolina University.  We taught 5 classes in a day and a half, mostly about Twin Oaks (though whenever we’re there we also throw in at least one class on Polyamory to the “Courtship and Marriage” sociology class — quite a thrill for these mostly Evangelical Christian students!).  We scooted back up here to be ready for rehearsal this evening, as we start the final week of rehearsals for Cabaret.   My plan tonight was to write some reflections about doing theater in the context of community, but I’m finding I’m just too pooped.  I know it’s been a long while since I’ve written a real entry, and I can’t promise you anything until after Cabaret is finished up next weekend.

topics to cover, just to whet your appetite:

1) thoughts on leaving the commune (possibly!)
2) theater in community
3) new relationship!
4) sparking new thought in college students, and how fun it is

and much much more, I assure you

until then, goodnight