Opening night of Cabaret on the commune…  last night’s dress rehearsal was a bit rough, almost the perfect amount of “rough” to build excitement to do it better tonight.  I don’t know how many people to expect from off the farm; I’m worried that the audience might be rather small.  There are nearly 30 people of our 90 person community involved in the show, and even if all 60 people came tonight (which they surely won’t, because we’re doing three performances and some won’t even come at all), they wouldn’t fill the house.  We sent out announcements to ex-members and friends of Twin Oaks, and we’ll definitely get some audience from that…  I’ll report back on Monday and let you all know how it goes.

for all you Wittenberg theater gang out there — I dug my bell out of a box and I’m wearing it today.  The significance stiill feels strong.  ding ding!