Quick update on what I’ve been doing, since I’ve been incommunicado for a bit.  I’ve been travelling north, stopping in Rhode Island for a fantastic wedding of some amazing people I’d never met (a friend of the friend I’m traveling with), and then up to New Hampshire to stand naked on the edge of an icy mountain, then to Vermont to meet more great friends of my travel partner, and now Maine.  I visited the family I lived with 5 years ago as an apprentice on their farm, and got to watch the whole maple sugaring process (the sap has just started flowing — perfect timing for a visit to New England.)  Last night I taught a class about Twin Oaks at the Maine College of Art (MECA), and today I’m teaching at the University of New England.

The presentations have been going well.  I’m more prepared than I’ve been for the last many presentations I’ve given, and the preparation is really paying off.  I’m happy and brilliant and passionately ranting and chatting with students for 20 minutes after class ends.  Ahhh… this is the life.  Last night I stayed in a fancy Bed & Breakfast and took a long bath and read The Fifth Sacred Thing (which I’ve nver read before — I’m loving it), and this morning I had strawberries and ice cream for breakfast!  The berries and cream, though, can’t compare to the glorious feeling I have when I’m standing in front of a room of 30 college students describing the freedom I feel when I’m walking down the path at Twin Oaks without a shirt on, and they’re staring back at me with alternating smiles and bewilderment and horror.

I’ve actually been having a bit of a challenging time, personally.  Self-judgement stuff, recognizing how stuck I am on figuring out whether I’m essentially, universally, spiritually Right or Wrong.  Yuck.  I’m feeling a lot better today after having such a great time with this last class.  One more talk over lunchtime, meeting up with my travel partner, and then we’ll begin the journey south this afternoon.    What a life.