Spring has arrived in full force on the hippie commune.  Folks are lying in hammocks in the sun reading books, chatting in groups sprawled in the grass, weaving hammocks on outdoor jigs, and having meetings about important community business sitting topless around a picnic table, soaking up the sun.  Daffodils are everywhere, summer dresses have been pulled out of storage (for both women and men), and the toddlers are learning to hula hoop (or at least run around with a hoop around their waists, sometimes the same hoop around all three of them!)

I had a fantastic day of doing what I love: presenting workshops.  Yes, yet again.  This time close to home.  After a weekend talking about intentional communities and polyamory up in Philadelphia (sleeping next to that eel), today I went to VCU, just an hour away from Twin Oaks.  I gave a presentation about the community with another Oaker, a relatively new member from California with a huge smile, sarcastic stories, and a radical analysis of mainstream culture.  We had a fun time together — this was her first time doing this kind of talking about Twin Oaks.  The class was great — a class on “People and Groups” in the school of Social Work.  They asked insightful questions and even clapped for us at the end.  Then she and I went outside and sat on the grass and watched  college kids play frisbee and golf (not frisbee golf, no, two separate groups playing frisbee and golf, with real golf clubs.   On the grassy quad of the campus.  Weird.).

I got home half an hour before dinner, and napped in my room with that Lanky Magician (remember him, long-time readers?).  After dinner, I got to give another workshop, this time here at home.   There’s a man here who used to work with the More Institute, and we facilitated a 3-hour workshop on awareness, communication, and  intimacy.  Beautiful and powerful, and then I walked back to my room in the dark, in awe of the stars and the warm night.

Funniest News from the Commune, Perhaps Ever:
We recently recieved a postcard in the mail that informed us that we’ve been chosen as a Nielsen Household, and that we’ll soon be getting a long distance phone call to confirm our participation.  Funny, considering we don’t have television here…