Happy Birthday to my dear brother!  23 cycles around the sun.  When I worked as a Montessori teacher’s aide during college, we had a whole birthday ritual where we all sat in a circle with an orange spherical candle in the middle. The birthday kid got to light the candle (a special opportunity to play with matches), and then co carried a globe, skipping in a wide circle around the candle while we sang: “the Earth goes around the Sun, tra la, the Earth goes around the Sun, tra la, the Earth goes around the Sun, tra la, tra la, tra la, tra la.”

Happy Day, David, dear brother.  If I were at home I’d post a picture of you in celebration.  But I”m not at home.  No, on the road again.  This time in DC, giving a workshop on Awareness, Communication, and Sensuality for a group of folks from Network for New Culture.  Yum!  I’m a bit nervous, and so I’ve excused myself from the group to “check my email”, but I notice that I’m enjoying the solitary activity away from all these strangers who know each other already.  It’s always a challenge for me to enter into situations like this, where I feel like I have to prove myself before the workhsop in order for people to take me seriously when I”m presenting.  I tend to slip into “actress mode”, smiling and charming and fascinating… but it’s exhausting and inauthentic and it perpetuates an image of female power and beauty that I don’ t want to play into.  So I’m working on being more real, more balanced, more focused…

This isn’t a time I really want to be away from the commune anyway, with all of the flowers blooming and leaves budding on the trees and children running around and adults running around and the pond just warm enough to be jump-in-able, and still cold enough to be thrilling.  I’ll jump in first thing when I get back.  Leap out of the car and strip off my clothes as I’m running down to the water…  mmm… that’s the image I’ll hold in my mind as I’m sitting in DC traffic!