Two two new blogs to recommend to you today, before I go to bed after a long day of meetings (outside at picnic tables in the sun, meetings nontheless).

The first is written by a man here on the commune who spent a large chunk of his life homesteading in the wilds of British Columbia.  He built his own house, rigged a hydroelectric waterwheel, and made snowshoose from moosehide from moose he hunted himself.  He has a long white beard that he wears braided down the center of his chin, and here at Twin Oaks he’s dedicated to raising chickens and geese for eggs and meat, and growing daffodils for selling at the farmer’s market in town.  After all his years surviving in the far north, now he spends much of his free time in front of his computer manipulating digital photos and other images on Photoshop.  What a life …

And next, another man with Northern connections.  An actor from Washington DC spending the next month performing a show in Alaska.  Land-locked Juneau, Alaska, to be specific.    The show is about the Columbine High School shootings , called Columbinus, and it’s incredible.  I saw it twice in one day a few weeks ago in DC and was emotionally bowled over both times.   It’s quite a production, a hard look at social roles and expectations and the vast canyon between the public self and the private self.   The blog author is my partner from college, a thoughtful (pensive at times), passionate, inquisitive, self-observant man  (I guess I could call him a man now… he was a “guy” in college) .  His writing is beautiful, his thoughts compelling, his wit unceasing.  I love him dearly, still, and I recommend his blog from a highly objective perspective!