Today has been a day of forward moving energy for me.  I’ve been active and engaged (for the most part) since 7am when I started my 4 hour tofu shift.  At 11 I did some computer work, then did my “homework” for a facilitation class that’s starting here.  I felt like I was in college again, running up to my room during lunch to read the two chapters of the handbook we’re using, underlining the interesting parts and writing in the margins.  🙂  I’ve missed that.  I enjoyed my nostalgia and the reading itself, and then I headed up to the dining hall for a quick late lunch.

At lunch I read some papers on the O&I Board, which is one of our communication tools here.  It stands for “Opinions and Information” (or “Opinons and Ideas” or “Obfuscation and Irrationality”, depending on who you ask), and it has about 20 clipboards hanging on it.  The clipboards host  papers written by members offering ideas or questions for discussion.  Each paper has lots of blank pages behind it for everyone else to write comments and concerns and better ideas and personal slams and irrelevant tangents.  It’s a system that I think has outlived its time here.  Many people refuse to read the O&I Board, so it’s not a reliable tool for putting out information or soliciting broad community input.  It’s become a forum for personal agendas and vendettas, more than anything else.  And still, it’s one of the easiest ways to get a digest version of what’s going on in the community, so I try to keep up-to-date with it all.

After lunch, I went to the first meeting of the facilitation study group, where we set some exciting and lofty goals for ourselves (essentially, to develop more effective group decision-making methods for Twin Oaks!).  In the meeting I was actively and passionately involved in the discussion, which also reminded me of college.  I had opinions and thoughts, and I communicated them with fervor!  Then I went on to the Planner Meeting, where I continued my passionate expression and spoke up more than I had at any previous meeting with this team.  Hooray for having thoughts and ideas that I’m confident about expressing!  I feel like I’m getting into the swing of things here, after 3 years.  (3 years ago I was just finishing my Visitor Period here, and I moved in at the end of the summer.  There are 3 other people from my visitor group who ended up moving here; 2 of them are still around and we’re having an “anniversary” celebration next week.)

Speaking of Anniversaries, this week is the 38th Anniversary of the founding of Twin Oaks, and we’re having a huge party this weekend.  It’s one of our biggest celebrations here, second only to New Year’s Eve.  We have a full day of events ranging from fun and mild to debauched and wild.  Read about last year’s party for a taste of the fun…