At the end of the spring, some three years ago
An actress decided she’d done her last show
Disgusted with TV and fake store-bought bread
She yearned for a garden and new thoughts in her head
She read lots of books and used the computer
Looking for alternate paths that might suit her
She learned about communes, her heart nodded “yes”
And the actress departed the Babylon mess

Three years on the commune have been a delight
Milking the cows, feeling safe in the night
Learning to process, picking zucchini
Swimming in water without a bikini
Deepening friendships, working with soy
Opening up to more levels of joy
The actress has grown here, beyond all her dreams
And growing has led to a new path, it seems

The actress is feeling the call of new things
Grad school, Hawaii, whatever life brings
The plan, as she knows it, will keep her nearby
To UVA grad school she plans to apply
The actress is wanting to be a professor
Sociology classes have always impressed her
So sometime this winter, young 2006
The actress will leave this home in the sticks
She’ll travel awhile, beyond good and evil
And when the fall comes, she’ll settle in C’ville.

UVA is the University of Virginia, located in Charlottesville.  I registered for the GRE last week, and my application to UVA is due in January.  I’m really leaving…

more later, I promise.