“I’m moving on”… lyrics from a country song that are stuck in my head this afternoon.  I remember singing it loudly in the car as I drove away from my apartment in Cincinnati three and a half years ago with everything packed in the back seat.

I’m getting more comfortable with the idea that I’m moving on from Twin Oaks.  It’s a beautiful place, and I love the life I have here.  My mission for myself is to see how I can carry the lessons I’ve learned here into the great big world beyond these 450 acres.  How do I maintain the self-confidence and sense of empowerment in a culture rooted in hierarchy?  How do I carry my love of my roundness and soft curves in a culture that holds another image of female beauty?  How do I interact collaboratively with people who expect me either to defer or demand?  These are my missions.  It’s too easy here — I need these challenges, to develop tools for myself and hopefully for others who ask these same questions without knowing what’s possible.  Twin Oaks is my seed of hope, planted in my center, a vision of possibility that will (hopefully) keep me going when I feel hopeless.