On Thursday night we had a “coffeehouse” in the Hammock Shop.  Twin Oaks “coffeehouses” are basically open-mic nights, where anyone can get up in front of the audience and perform anything.  This one was specifically scheduled to correspond with a hammocks “push,” in which we were trying to get 282 hammocks made by the end of the week (which at Twin Oaks, ends on Thursday in a weird-yet-effective attempt to avoid the horror of Mondays, by making the first day of the week Friday, which is an inherently satisfying day, it seems).

And so, on Thursday night about 40 people gathered in the hammock shop to make lots of hammocks and share appreciation for each others talents and non-talents.  There was a belly dance, a puppet show, several songs, some readings from books (a section from Barbara Kingsolver’s “The Bean Trees” about an all-too familiar scene in a cooperative house), and a fashion show of a homemade dress.  I ran up to my room and grabbed my GRE practice test, and performed a dramatic reading of some of the questions.  “Two cars leave from the same place, going in different directions…” and so on.  Lots of folks groaned, and a few grabbed pencils and tried to work out the equations.  Afterwards I had at least 5 people come up and ask to have a study-date with me to practice analogies and the quadratic equation, their minds hungry for academic stimulation.  Three people here used to be tutors for all the various grad school entrance tests, and they love this kind of thing.

Moving forward with the whole grad school thing… I went into Charlottesville yesterday to meet with the head of  graduate admissions in the Sociology Department at UVA.  We had a long chat about the nature of the department and grad school in general.  I got terrificly excited to get the chance to talk passionately about sociology and why I want to teach, and that was reaffirming for me.  I enjoyed most of the people I talked with, including a few graduate students currently working on their dissertations.  Could that be me in a few years?  Perhaps… I’m still uncertain about what I want to be doing… so I’ll continue to move forward on this track and make the decision when it’s actually right in front of me.