I’m spending the holidays here on the commune, enjoying the quiet warmth of the stillness.  Lots of folks are gone to see family, so those of us who are left get to enjoy each other a little bit more.  Tonight we had a small party with cider and singing and games, and I enojyed the closeness of the slightly random group of people who don’t usually hang out together.  There’s so few people here right now, and that means there’s not the usual bevy of events happening in the evening.  When there’s only one, and there’s not many people to hang out with individually, folks tend to cluster, seeking the emotional warmth of connection and company.  It was lovely, and just festive enough.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m helping to cook dinner.  The folks who are left on the farm end up doing a bunch of work they don’t usually do because the folks who usually do those jobs are away.  I’m doing two dinner shifts this week, and two dishwashing stints (I rarely cook for the group, and I usually wash dishes about twice a month).  I like this different way of being here… doing what clearly needs to be done, being less “social” and “political” and more emotionally intimate.  I wonder if I’d like it like this all the time?