I’m in town, sitting at a coffeshop that has a free computer for customers.  I’m sipping on a healthy juice drink, getting ready for rehearsal, listening to Paul Simon’s “Graceland” being piped into the room.  It’s ideal.  It’s been a beautiful day, and the downtown Mall (the large pedestrian throughway in the middle of the city, lined with stores and restraunts and theaters) is full of people eating on reastaurants’ outdoor patios.  I feel part of a larger community now, the community of Charlottesville, and it feels stronger than I imagined an “unintentional community” could feel.  I feel open to connecting with any of the people here, and it often happens spontaneously just with a smile.

off to another community, that of the theater and my cast.  We’re bonding strongly as rehearsals continue, sharing a common goal and a common struggle.