More on baby Aurora…

The childbirth experience was a mixture of sweet ecstasy and intense physical and emotional work. And in the end, a baby came out… in the bathroom, because I thought I had to poop.

Free: “I see something!”
Me: (screaming) “It’s poop!”
Free: “No, it’s the baby!”
It turns out that I wasn’t going crazy… lots of women have this experience.

Aurora and I have been having a sweet time getting to know each other as we lay in bed together. I’m on orders to stay in bed for 2 weeks due to a tear in a tricky place — ugh! I’m trying to enjoy the rest as a luxury… but I miss working in the garden and being a part of daily life around here. Free and the kids are treating me like a queen, though, so I can’t complain.

This baby is pretty delightful — lots of sleeping, nursing, and wide-eyed observation (during the few hours she’s awake). She doesn’t have a last name yet, because Free and I haven’t figured out how to balance practicality with idealism (isn’t that the quintessential struggle?). So for now, she just has two middle names, two ecstatic parents, and a lot of poop.

tickledspirit and Aurora (Rori, Froggy, Sugar Snap, Pea Pod…)