Lately I’ve been feeling the itch for inspiration, feeling antsy about getting a project to really throw myself into.  Rora is always here for whatever energy I have to give, of course, but I’m wanting to do something on a larger scale, involving more people.  I might direct a children’s play this winter, or facilitate an Authentic Movement class at the local community center.  My yearnings extend beyond the immediate, though… I want a long term journey to invest my energy in.  I want a mission.

I recently came across this piece I wrote for a Wetpaint wiki site on Radical Intimacy (spawned by the workshops that I’ve facilitated with Pax and Sky)… and I felt inspired:

Radical Intimacy is about more than just creating a healthy and fulfilling relationship between you and me — it’s also about creating a culture that is more conducive for intimacy. In a radically intimate culture, opportunities for intimate connections are widely available and welcomed. One vision: I’m having a hard day, and I’m walking down the street crying openly (which doesn’t make the people around me uncomfortable). I get offers for hugs or time to talk from friends and strangers alike. Whether I accept or decline, I know that the people around me welome my truth, and I feel their compassion reflected in my own compassion towards myself.

Intimacy as activism involves bringing intimacy into the public. “Visibility actions” of crying, loving, and sharing deeply in public spaces can help other people feel comfortable doing the same. We can invite others to participate in public intimacy by making eye contact with strangers. More broadly, intimacy as activism can involve redefining the traditional schedule of work all day, watch TV all night, party with friends on the weekends. Instead, we can create alternative possibilities where we work with our friends, working shorter hours because we need less money because we barter and gift within our network of intimates (and beyond!). We share our experiments, our lessons, and our challenges with others who have similar desires for a more intimate life.

This could be a piece of the mission, but it’s still not the comprehensive vision.  That’s coming — I can taste it, tingling through my body like an approaching orgasm.  Not there yet, still a ways to go… but I know I’ll get there eventually, so I can relax and enjoy the journey.