Aurora is asleep in bed next to me, and I’m typing on the laptop I inherited from my Grandma a week and a half ago.  Today I found a refreshed determination to WRITE.  This is my mode of self-reflection and of engagement with the world around me — this is how I’ve learned to go deeper in my understanding of my experience… and that’s exactly what I need right now.

And blogging, different than journaling, holds me to a standard of keeping it *relevant* — not just bellybutton gazing and self-sympathizing.  With blogging, I keep thinking of the reader asking “so what?”.  How does my experience relate to the larger world?  That’s a big piece I feel myself missing these days, as I putter around the house with Rora in the sling, washing dishes and laundry for a whopping 5 people (compared to the 100+ people I used to serve with my daily actions).  I keep asking myself “so what?”… and rarely come up with a satisfactory answer.

This lifepath is turning out to be boring, lonely, and frustrating… I spend too many hours alone with 5 month old Aurora, without people to bounce ideas off of or to provide fodder for my mental and emotional growth.  These days, I feel incredibly stagnant.

AND, at the same time, I feel the fire burning in me, the passion just waiting for fuel.  I ask myself daily, “what can I do?”… and then Aurora wakes up or bumps her head, and the question drifts away.  So I’m going to write, nightly, after she falls asleep.  I’m going to use this time to bring the questions forward and keep my fingers moving through the self-doubt and fear and see what answers come.  Until she wakes up, and maybe even keep writing through the nursing, thanks to Grandma’s laptop and our neighbor’s wireless connection.


So I’ll be more able to be present with Rora, so I’ll be a better mom, so I’ll be back exploring at the edge instead of in the muddled middle, and the edge is where I grow, where I learn.  So I’ll be more alive, and happier, so I’ll have more to offer the world around me, so I’ll be a better mom.

Getting it all out of my head helps make it more real.  I’m going to write, and through writing, remember who I am.  For myself, for my daughter, for all the people in my life, and for (  ) … the spirit that permeates all.